Bills Horse troughs Newsletter July 2009

Hello to all my Bills contacts
Last Month I receive a phone call from Matt Beer, he is an auctioneer from Bundaberg,  Queensland , he told me he came across a old brass plaque which was on a old broken down horse trough on a property he was selling up in Maryborough .
Matt started searching for information about Annis and George Bills on the internet and he found my site .
He has been told that this was one of  two troughs which were once located near the Grandville Road Bridge in Maryborough Queensland.
These troughs had to be removed because of road works, this is the first evidence, I have ever received  on any BHT troughs in the state of Queensland.
The plaque is dated 1930  I assume these troughs would have been funded by the Bills Trust, which was set up by  George Bills.  George passed away in Dec 1927.
Attached is the photo of the plaque which Matt was kind enough to send me.
This is just another example of the wonderful foresight George Bill had when he established the Bills trust and just how far reaching his generosity has travelled.
On my web site there in now over 300 locations listed where BHTs once were and most are all still in good condition.
I welcome your comments and any changes to the troughs, could you please let me know if you happen to sight troughs  which I do not have a photo from.
George invites you to view his web page at
 Also have a space site which I keep updating
My best wishes George Gemmill.

PS As yet still no sighting of a BHTs in South Australia and Tassie can you help?
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