Bills Horse Trough at Boort

Thanks to Mark S for sending me in photos of the Bills Trough in the main street of Boort in front of the butcher Shop . This is one which i have not got listed . Look like someone is take good care of it with the flowers in it ,note the back plate is missing .

Can any one please send me the address of the firm who make the repcila’s of the BHTs?

This brings the  total loation list to over 320 photos which i have ,if you would like a copy sent to you send me a email. inquires welcome

George Gemmill

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6 Responses to Bills Horse Trough at Boort

  1. peterobrien2013 says:

    Hi,just wondering if anyone has a photo of the trough in place at Ingleburn,N.S.W.
    regards Peter.

  2. Margaret Robb says:

    George, quite a few years ago I sent you by email a photo of a Bill’s horse trough situated in the Portland Botanic gardens Victoria. I don’t see it in your list. Now someone has made contact with the president of tthe Portland Historical Society, about the same subject and I presume it is you? Margaret

  3. Maureen Fraser says:

    I have the one that was at Westmead Show ground NSW it is at Oakville NSW used as fish pond

    • billshorsetroughs says:

      Maureen that is one BHT i have not heard about would you be kind enough to send me a photos .best Wishes George

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