June Bills newsletter

Hello to all my friends who share an interest in the Bills Horse troughs, hope this newsletter find you all enjoying good health.

 I thank everyone for the emails which I have received and they are always welcome.

 Since my last newsletter I have learnt of some new  BHT locations and have had photos of them  photos sent to me, they are  from in Zetland, Wongarbon, and Moulamein all in NSW.

 I still have a blog going and endeavour to add something each month to view it type in bills horse troughs wordpress


I have also had many inquiries from people wanting to get a Bills Trough but these are very had to come by, the best I can do is to refer you on the chap who make excellent replica’s of the troughs


Laura Breen who  is  the assistant curator at the National Museum Australia  in  Canberra she is making up a Exhibition   and she  will feature the Spirited Australia  Horses Story, and tells the role horse have played in the development of Australia. The exhibition starts on the 10th of September 2014.  I have been able to assist Laura by supplying her with some information about George and Annis Bill and the story about the horse troughs they donated.  You can take a look at the blog Laura has done by going to  http://pateblog.nma.gov.au/  

Then click on people and environment look for the blog dated 23 may

Sure it will be an excellent exhibition and if anyone is Canberra at that time it will be well worth visiting.


A group of people up Sydney way are still trying to get the BHT which has been dumped in the Royal National Park for many years,  to be recovered and place  placed where it can be displayed for the visitors to view photos are attached to this email


Would anyone know the new location of the BHT which was in front of the Bulls Head Hotel in Strathdale the hotel has been sold and the BHT removed?.

Well that’s it for now and look forward to your reply and comments, any recent  photos of the BHT near your place will be welcome as some of mine are getting very old.

Best Wishes George Gemmill

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