Australian Light Horse

Sunday 19 April, 7.40pm ABC

Over 130,000 Australian horses served in the Great War of 1914 – 18. Nearly 30,000 were engaged in the Middle East. Popularly known as ‘Walers’, it was in the desert sands that their legend was born. They carried their men to victory on the long road to Damascus, but at war’s end they did not come home. Australia’s Great War Horse takes us on an epic journey from the outback of Australia, across the vast Indian Ocean, to the pyramids of Egypt, the living hell that was Gallipoli, and the unforgiving desert sands of the Middle East. This epic desert war couldn’t have been undertaken without the horses, or the small army of horse breakers, veterinarians, farriers, saddlers and feed suppliers who were essential to keeping thousands of horses in the field and battle-ready. This is the story of the horses’ colonial origins, their gallant service, and their shameful fate.

Interviews are available. For more information, interviews or images please contact: Amy Reiha on 02 8333 3874, 0404 026 039,

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