Western Australia Bills Troughs

150806 Merredin Horse Trough  DSCF5500 150806 Merredin Horse Trough  DSCF5501 150806 Merredin Horse Trough  DSCF5502 150809 BHT223 Northcliffe  IMG_6349 150809 BHT223 Northcliffe  IMG_6350 150806 Horse Trough, Hines Hill  DSCF5480Thanks to David, he has recently sent me the latest photos of three Bills Troughs in Western Australia. These troughs are different to the ones we see in Victoria and NSW. These troughs had been financed by the Bills Trust fund and have had the troughs designed and made locally in W A.

They are Located in Hines Hill, Merredin and at Northcliffe these are the only ones in WA that i have been told about and wonder if anyone knows if there is any more over in West Australia.

The plaque on the Northcliffe trough has Annis spelt Annie.

Interesting to note i have never heard yet of any Bill troughs located in South Australia.



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