George Bills

Hello everyone if any one is seeking information about the Bills Horse Troughs I would be happy to supply you with items. As I have been collection photos of them for  the past thirty plus years. My collection is now over 320 and always looking for new additions

Would also like to invite everyone to send me photos of Bills Troughs they would be appreciated as I, am now getting too old to do much travelling over the country side now.

Please send me photos and queries to

Best wishes and looking forward to your emails

George Gemmill can be contacted at  0407099924

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3 Responses to George Bills

  1. Kathy Johnson says:

    Hi George,
    Thanks for listing the troughs. I’ve been ‘tracking down’ the troughs for a couple of years now. Some of the information online refers to troughs in Japan and USA as well as the 3 in the UK. Do you have any information about the location of any of these?

  2. Ggreybeard says:

    Maybe you already have an image of the Bills trough in Oxford Road, Ingleburn, NSW but here is a link to one of my images that I took of it this week:

  3. Jo says:

    Hi there
    Do you have the name and address of someone who makes reproductions of the Bills troughs.

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