Kyneton Bills trough

Kyneton Wedge ST Kyneton No1There is a very unusual Bills Trough in Wedge Street Kyneton, because when you stand facing it the float valve compartment and water inlet is on the LEFT hand side..

I have never seen many like these before as all the others troughs have it  on the Right hand side. Malmsbury BHT is also is like this one.

This trough also has a bubble tap for humans to get a drink not many of these BHT were made with the Bubble tap..


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4 Responses to Kyneton Bills trough

  1. Yawong says:

    Ive seen troughs with the 4 broken positioning bolts on the right end and wondered what used to be attached. I was delighted to visit the Kyneton trough and see the drinking fountain intact and bolted on the left end. It has the manufacturers name “McIlwraith”. Perhaps it was made by John McIlwraith & Co Pty Ltd . Does anyone have info on the drinking fountain? Is it original (old photos would prove it)? Was it an optional feature on all troughs (the old bolts I’ve seen on some other troughs suggests it may have been)?

    • billshorsetroughs says:

      Yes there is a number of troughs about which a d bubble tap bolted to on end so Humans can get a drink best exmple of that is the BHT In Wedderburn George

  2. Mary Hildebrandt says:

    There is Bills Horse Trough in High Street, Woodend very well cared for and also over in Romsey.
    The first one I saw was when I was a child. It is located in Wellington Parade, in the CBD, also well cared for. I have looked out for them for years and seen many. I should have kept a record but I still look for. The generosity of George and Annis to keep our horses going in the tough is a wonderful thing.

    • billshorsetroughs says:

      Thanks Mary that BHT in Wellington Parade is still there and well looked after as are the ones in Woodend and Romsey. George

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