Bills Water troughs


Annis and George Bills were philanthropists who were greatly concerned about the welfare of horses and other animals. When George died in December 1927, in his will he directed a trust be set up to supply Horse troughs free of charge where they were needed.

The horse troughs, were  mass produced and distributed mainly across NSW and Victoria.

Funds were also made available to erect drinking facilities which were of a different design.

Melbourne had many thousands of working horses and they helped shape Melbourne.

The low bridges over the Yarra which were to eventually block any serious shipping out of the city were created to accommodate the horses pulling heavy loads that would not have been able to negotiate the steep incline of a high arched bridge.

A working horse needs over 60 litres of water per day and in summer the horses were often driven many hard miles between available drinks.

Some early photos of how horse transport was used are included.

Note the number of carts waiting to be loaded and unloaded at the Victoria market.

Anyone interested in wanting more information are welcome to contact me at email

vic-markethoffmanbutchers-cartbakers-cartRushworth Easter 09 008Eight Horse Team

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