Plaques on Troughs.

In my travels collection information on Bills Water Troughs i have noticed many troughs have had plaques installed, all telling the story about George Bills. Each tell the same story but in different ways.

 i would like to share some of them with you in this blog.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and please if you happen to be passing by a BHT please send me a photo of it to

I have just updated my list of locations and added some more new finds to it.

If you would like a copy of the new list just send me a email and it will be my pleasure to share the list with you.

.Each would be very welcome. George Gemmill

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2 Responses to Plaques on Troughs.

  1. Damien Allingham says:

    G’Day George
    I look forward to this weekend.
    I’ll have time to view your photos.
    I moved out of Mill Park in 2013
    In black$white Wading into history is my first knowledge of BHT
    I’ll ask my father.
    He was born in Melbourne 1940
    I was born 1971
    My g,g Grandfather in Melbourne 1871
    I now live on phillip island.
    I’ll send photos if BHT lucky

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