Reproduction Bills Troughs

Replica Troughs are make by John Ricketts and he has told me he was only going to make 100 of the so far he is well on the way. People who have purchaged them from John ar very pleased with them. Here is some photos of troughs John has made . Note the first photo is at the 2014 Melbourne garden show, there is also one used in the ABC TV Miss Fisher Murder series where she  take cover behind the trough  as she was being shot at. .

If any one in their travels sights a Bills troughs could you please send me a photos and the location of  it  to me at they will be very welcome .

I now have a location list which i would like to share with anyone who is interested  to get it. I can be contacted at 03 58572352 if you seek more details.

Safe travelling and best wishes George Gemmill 25 Brudenell Street Stanhope 3623.

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1 Response to Reproduction Bills Troughs

  1. Greg Jacobs says:

    There is an unlisted Bills Horse Trough at the entrance of Bendigo General Cemetery

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