Hitching Posts

Hitching posts played a very important part in the way of life in early days as it was most important to be able tie up horses while their owner left them to do their business.

I know if 4 cast iron hitching post which illustrates George’s and Annis‘s Bills long standing interest in animal welfare in the early 1900s when they  installed several horse troughs around Melbourne.  Grateful locals apparently commemorated their gesture by erecting Hitch Posts; each has a engraved brass plaque that reads



The posts feature a decorative column topped with a golden horses head.

The posts have a number of tether rings, a step to assist riders mounting,   and a tap to supply water for thirsty steeds.

Would love to learn more about what George did to have these post presented.

Have photos which are example of other hitching posts and ju

st update my locations list .send me a email if you would like a copy sent to you.

Photos of Bills troughs and posts are welcome please send to billshorsetroughs@hotmail.com

Sharons 6


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