Bills water Troughs In Western Australia .

Western Australian BillsWater Troughs0,


The legacy of the George and Annis Bills Trust is still remembered today in three Western Australia towns.

The towns of Hines Hill, Merredin and NorthCliffe, all have a horse trough which had been  funded by the Bill Trust, sometime between 1930 to 1939,

These troughs are not like the ones to be seen in the Eastern states, as they were mass produced and distributed by the Rocla company.

These troughs had been made by local contractors and installed, they all have plaques stating they were financed by George and Annis Bills Australia.

Interesting to note the plaque on the Trough at Northcliffe Pioneer Museum Annis,s name is spelt as Anne Bills.

This is just another example of the distance the Bills Trust spread throughout the world.  I still seek your help to locate  any Bills Troughs in South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, so far I have been unable to find any.

George invites you to view his web site on Bills Horse Troughs search for  . billswatertroughs wordpress

If anyone sights Bills troughs could you please send me a photo and its location it would be much appreciated.

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