Poowong Bills Water Trough

  • In my research on the Bills water troughs for over 30 years I have always found at in the small town there is someone or a group of people who have taken care of the Troughs and make a feature item out of them. I do know now there is now a lot of people who are looking out for the BHTs when they are out for a drive.

  •  A bit like the Silo Art Trails throughout Victoria and NSW.

Praise must be given to whoever is responsible for the lovely flower show which is on display this month in the BHT at Poowong.

Congratulation to all who have made this a delightful Show of Flowers .

There is now a website for anyone wanting more information about the Bills Water Troughs.  Just do a search on this site  www.esplash.me and then look for the fact sheet George and Annis Bills.

Sure you will find what David Hibbert has researched very interesting.

You can also take a look at my site, go to billswatertroughs wordpress

I have been making a entry there once a month for many years now.

Hope you all enjoy the read. Please send me your comments and photos to billshorsetroughs@hotmail.com  always welcome.

Take care and safe travelling George Gemmill


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