The Lost Troughs of Audley

he Lost Horse Troughs of Audley

Posted on September 29, 2017by billshorsetroughs

  Lost Bills Water Trough.

This post was put up in Sept 2-17

Some years ago  when a young fireman was fighting a fire in the Royal National Park {RNP]  he noticed two abandoned horse troughs. He returned to this place some 20 years later to discover both troughs still there half buried in thick scrub some 30 metres from a main cleared area of the tip in the remote area known as Artillery Hill both were still there in the same neglected state.

One is a Bills trough and the other trough was manufactured by the Marrickville concrete company of Richard Taylor.

It is believed the two troughs were dumped there after a large fire destroyed the Old Audley Guest House 1975 which was once a very popular holiday resort. Rangers in the park are aware of the existence of these troughs and it was once thought the troughs could have been included for relocation in the Audley Master plan the State Government dedicated $1 million in its Heritage Projects budget in 2009 -2010. It seems a shame that so far nothing has been done the preserve them as they once played a very importance place in our  History, the troughs remind us  that man was once  dependent on animals for travel and the carriage of goods and that the horse was once an everyday presence on our streets.

Maybe is the RNP does not want them they could be donated to the nearby Sutherland Shire where they already looking after two Bills water troughs.

I invite people to send me photos of Bills troughs to they are always welcome..

On 14th July 2020 i posted these two Water troughs on a site called Old and Abandoned Australia the response has been amazing with over 800 likes and 250 comments . Note the parks management are aware of these two troughs and have said fiance is the reason they have not been recovered and put up on display for public viewing.

Regards George Gemmill. 22/7/2020

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