Bills water trough in Centennial Park Sydney.

This water trough was presented to the RSPCA by George and Annis Bills in August 1924 . That was 3 years before George Bills passed away in December 1927.

This would have been one of the first of many hundreds troughs George Bills went on to have installed mainly in Victoria and NSW.

George Bills instructed in his will a Trust fund be set up to provide Water troughs free of charge, this was to enable working horses to relieve their thirst.

My hobby for over 35 years has been collecting photos and listing locations of where these water troughs were installed.

Would like to ask if anyone has recent photos of Bills Troughs could you please send them on to me at Thanks George Gemmill.

About Bills Horse Troughs

Collecting information about George Bills has been me hobby for over 35 years now and finding locations for the water troughs he supplied .My collection is now over 300 of where these troughs can still be seen. I ask anyone who sights any of these Troughs if you would please forward me a photo to billswatertroughs@ Hotmail .com . Always willing to share any information I have .cheers George
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