Bills Trough Bellevue Hill

Back in 2009 there was a big land slip in Bellevue Hills just beside the Bills trough .

The road just gave way and left a big exposed hole in the road. The Bills trough was  very close by, and lucky it did not go down with the road. The road was repaired and the trough was replaced.Photos are of the land slip and you can see the BHT

Would some one like to send me a photo of what the BHT looks like today

Send photos to

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South Australia Troughs

Horse Troughs in South Australia.

Had a photo of sent to me of a lovely trough over at Victor Harbor South Australia the  trough is in wonderful condition for the age {1933} as it still contains water which is most unusual as the ones i have viewed not many have nice clean water in them.

What a great dedication it is to Bessie Douglas Stock her name is on the plaque beside the though lots of people would read the inscription. Bessie was killed in a show jumping accident and locals contributed to getting the memorial Trough

The trough is made from one piece of Granite? Which i have seen some like that, they were make in England there is one like that made of granite down in Port Campbell  Vic.

I do have a good Friend Russell Smith who has written a series of books called Curiosities of South Australia and Russell has been searching for years all over South Australia looking for Bills Troughs and as yet has not been able to find any with any connections to the Bills Trust which supplied the troughs in Vic and NSW.

I I would like to thank everyone who has taking the time and effort to send me trough photos and if you happen to see any in your travels, photos of them would be most welcome. Email them to

Take Care safe travelling. Best Wishes. George Gemmill January 2018

Victor HarborWW1 TroughPort Campbell

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Send him your Bills

In the Dec?Jan 2018 edition of the Outback Magazine there is a story written By john Dunn  entitled Send him your Bills  if any readers wish to send me photos of Bills Horse Troughs it would be greatly appreciated .

Please send your photos to 

I will answer each email ASAP

Collection information and taking photos of Bill Troughs have been my hobby for over 30 years and if any one would like to know  what i have collected? it would be my pleasure to share it with you . I do try to make a entry in this site each month .

Season Greeting to all my readers and safe travelling in 2018 .


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George Bills

To all my readers old and new i would like to wish you all the Best for Christmas and hope you all enjoy the festive season. Safe Travelling George Gemmill.

In the December edition Of the OUTBACK MAGAZINE there is a article about George Bills and for any new readers.  i would welcome you to send  photos of Bills Horse Troughs you may discover in your travels. Please send photos to I have been collecting information about the Bill troughs for over 30 years and would willing share any information i have received.I do have a list of over 350 location on where the BHTs i anyone wants a copy please email me.

George Bill in the Argus Newspaper dated 15 December 1927 there is a death notice  which reads

Bills _-On the 14th December at 50 Broadway Camberwell , George Bills aged 68  years .{ Privately cremated by A.A Sleigh Pty Ltd , at the New Melbourne General Cemetery , Fawkner. }

It is  90 years since George passed away and he sure has left us a legacy with the many troughs which bear his name and that of his wife Annis

Photos are of the House in England where the Bill Family lived before they moved out to Australia.



AA George BillsAA Annis BillsA George Bills House 2A George Bills HouseGeorge Bills death notices[45539]

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Reproduction Bills Troughs

Replica Troughs are make by John Ricketts and he has told me he was only going to make 100 of the so far he is well on the way. People who have purchaged them from John ar very pleased with them. Here is some photos of troughs John has made . Note the first photo is at the 2014 Melbourne garden show, there is also one used in the ABC TV Miss Fisher Murder series where she  take cover behind the trough  as she was being shot at. .

If any one in their travels sights a Bills troughs could you please send me a photos and the location of  it  to me at they will be very welcome .

I now have a location list which i would like to share with anyone who is interested  to get it. I can be contacted at 03 58572352 if you seek more details.

Safe travelling and best wishes George Gemmill 25 Brudenell Street Stanhope 3623.

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Bills Trough in Galway City Ireland,

Located in Forsters Street Galway City Ireland stands this Bills Troughs it has  a Brass plaque on it. IN MEMORY OF ANNIS AND GEORGE BILLS AUSTRALIA.

Note Annis passed away in 1910 and George 1927, so this trough must have been made soon  after that date. Would be very interesting to learn more about the history behind this troughs . This is the only trough that i know about in Ireland wonder if there is any more?

Thanks to my contacts for sending me these photos to share with other readers.

Troughs photos are always welcome, so please send them to

Thanks George Gemmill

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The Lost Horse Troughs of Audley

  Lost Bills Water Trough.

Some years ago  when a young fireman was fighting a fire in the Royal National Park {RNP]  he noticed two abounded horse troughs. He returned to this place some 20 years later to discover both troughs still there half buried in thick scrub some 30 metres from a main cleared area of the tip in the remote area known as Artillery Hill both were still there in the same neglected state.

One is a Bills trough and the other trough was manufactured by the Marrickville concrete company of Richard Taylor.

It is believed the two troughs were dumped there after a large fire destroyed the Old Audley Guest House which was once a very popular holiday resort. Rangers in the park are aware of the existence of these troughs and it was once thought the troughs could have been included for relocation in the Audley Master plan the State Government dedicated $1 million in its Heritage Projects budget in 2009 -2010. It seems a shame that so far nothing has been done the preserve them as they once played a very importance place in our  History, the troughs remind us  that man was once  dependent on animals for travel and the carriage of goods and that the horse was once an everyday presence on our streets.

Maybe is the RNP does not want them they could be donated to the nearby Sutherland Shire where they already have two Bills water troughs.

I invite people to send me photos of Bills troughs to they are always welcome..

Regards George Gemmill. 30.9.17


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