Bills troughs with Plaques

Just had a holiday and passed through these towns and good to see the BHTs are being looked after  plaques explaining the George Bills Story . The Orbost BHT is still in the Shire Yard in Shackleton street and have been told the Historical Society is working to have it restored and relocated at the Old Slab Hut in the Main Street.

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Bills Water Troughs

Posting some old photos of working horses we all once relied on horses for travel and delivery of good . It was George Bills wisdom that when he passed away he arranged for Water troughs to be supplied free of charge to let the horse have a drink of nice clean water .

many of these water trough can still be seen today and if you see any of them .I would appreciate if you could send me a photo to


Enjoy the photos George Gemmill

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Hunters Hill NSW

Thanks to Barry and Lyn for sending me a latest photo of the Bills trough which is located in Park Rd near Princess Street Hunters Hill NSW. The photos i had were taken back in 2004 so you can see the changes for yourself. The trough appears to be still in good condition and should survive for many more years

Good to be able to see the BHT is still there and being looked after with some TLC given to it by someone..

If any readers sight BHTs in their travel please spare the time a send me a photos of it. To

Best Wishes and safe travelling in 2020 George Gemmill

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Moonee Ponds Court House


This is my last post for 2019 and has some welcome news.

 The Essendon Historical Society are now back in their home at the restored Moonee Ponds Court House . You will remember that the court house was badly damaged by fire back in 2016 and some photos to show the extent of the damage.

 While these major restoration work were being carried out the Bills water Trough also received some TLC from Grimwade’s  Melb. Uni Grimwade Centre conservationists and was relocated into a more prominent place it now make a feature item in the garden in front of the Museum . John Ricketts made 3 new supports that the BHT is now mounted on, and Julie Scott has researched and supplied the information which is shown on the Plaque beside the BHT .

For more information, please visit:

..Congratulations to everyone involved in the restoration works as many voluntary hours of labour over 3½ years was spent to restore the building and re-house the collection of photos and records.


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Charlton Bills Trough

The Bills water trough in Charlton is different to the other ones we are see the most, as it would have been funded by the Bills Trust, and had been made by a local builder in 1931. and had a brass plaque Annis and George Bills Australia. on one end.

It is located at the Rear of  Traffic Education Centre in Kaye Street

Thanks David J for sending me this  photo 2019.

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Poowong Bills Water Trough

  • In my research on the Bills water troughs for over 30 years I have always found at in the small town there is someone or a group of people who have taken care of the Troughs and make a feature item out of them. I do know now there is now a lot of people who are looking out for the BHTs when they are out for a drive.

  •  A bit like the Silo Art Trails throughout Victoria and NSW.

Praise must be given to whoever is responsible for the lovely flower show which is on display this month in the BHT at Poowong.

Congratulation to all who have made this a delightful Show of Flowers .

There is now a website for anyone wanting more information about the Bills Water Troughs.  Just do a search on this site and then look for the fact sheet George and Annis Bills.

Sure you will find what David Hibbert has researched very interesting.

You can also take a look at my site, go to billswatertroughs wordpress

I have been making a entry there once a month for many years now.

Hope you all enjoy the read. Please send me your comments and photos to  always welcome.

Take care and safe travelling George Gemmill


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George and Annis Bills

Hello to all my Bills Water troughs friends just wanting to share with you a most comprehensive write up on George and Annis Bills.

It has been written by David Hibbert from Alexandra;

David has written up what he calls a factsheet on George and Annis Bills, along with others all well worth while taking a read for them you will find them all very interesting.

To view the factsheet go to his web site  then look for George and Annis Bills.

I also invite you to have a look at my site billswatertroughs.wordpress this is where I have been spreading the word on the wonderful legacy about George Bills.

Hope you all enjoy the read Safe travelling George Gemmill.

PS would be interested in any feed back

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